Graving With … Walmart?

While visiting Union Cemetery in Tumwater, Washington, I took a picture of the headstone for George, Isabella, and Riley Bush.  I spent a few minutes setting up the shot just right because I loved the contrast of the Bush family’s 1860’s headstone, and the 20th century superstore behind it.

Headstone near Walmart at the Union Cemetery in Tumwater, Washington.

But after posting this picture to Reddit, and to my Facebook page, I received a few messages from people telling me how sad or angry the picture made them.  It left me wondering what the Bush family would have thought of this view.  Maybe they would have really liked to be right where all the action is, near the hustle and bustle of a shopping center.

Plus, I know of at least one person who probably would have loved to be buried there…

Headstone with epitaph Gone To Walmart in Wasilla, Alaska.

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2 Responses to Graving With … Walmart?

  1. I like the photo; it is almost an essay without words. I have a friend in Juneau, Alaska and know it’s beautiful there. The Gone to Wa-Mart stone is apropo. :)

  2. Kathleen says:

    As long as the graves are respected and cared for, the certainly seem better off than those have seen that are lost in the underbrush…crumbling away.

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