A Resting Place With A View – Our Visit To The Healy Cemetery

Anita and I recently took a road trip (250 miles) to Healy, Alaska to fulfill a Find A Grave photo request for the headstone picture of Lisa Take. We also wanted to get photos of the headstones for the other people listed on Find A Grave, and add memorials for those that hadn’t yet been added. While we were there we met some awesome ladies, Judy and Jeri, who had spent all day readying this beautiful cemetery for Memorial Day.

The cemetery is located in a picturesque location with amazing views all around, and with the added care from Judy and Jeri, it was just spectacular. I hope you enjoy the views as much as we did.

Picture of a sign that says Cemetery and points to the Valley View Memorial Cemetery in Healy, Alaska.
The Cemetery was located on a dirt road near the town, but tucked into the woods just enough to be peaceful and away from all the commotion of traffic.
Picture of a car parked on the road to the Valley View Memorial Cemetery in Denali Borough, Healy, Alaska.
I just got this car, so maybe I baby it too much, but this muddy water was deeper than it looks, and I didn’t want to risk getting stuck so far from home. So walking it is!
Picture of the road and entrance to the cemetery in Healy, Alaska.
Andy was in a big hurry to get there.
Picture of the entrace sign to the Valley View Memorial Cemetery with trees and mountains in the background.
Entrance sign of Valley View Memorial Cemetery.
Picture of the headstone for Lisa Ellen Take who is buried in the Valley View Memorial Cemetery in Alaska.
Amazingly, the first headstone we walked up to was the one we came for. I really like the personal touch of the surround for this headstone.
Picure of part of the cemetery in Healy.
It was around this time that I met Judy and Jeri, who were working hard to set everything up just right for Memorial Day. I got so caught up in conversation, and learning about the history of the cemetery, that I forgot to ask if I could snap a picture of them.
Picture of the dedication monument for the Healy cemetery which is called Valley View Memorial Cemetery in Alaska.
This is the dedication monument for Valley View Memorial Cemetery. The cemetery was dedicated only 25 years ago, on May 30, 1988. The three markers are the young people that this cemetery was built in memory of.
Picture of the Lions and Pioneers Monument in the Healy Valley View Memorial Cemetery.
Lions and Pioneers Monument. Judy and Jeri were volunteers with the Lions Club, an organization whose volunteers help meet the needs of local communities.
Picture of the headstone for John J. Millich who is buried in Valley View Memorial Cemetery in Healy, Alaska.
Headstone of John J. Millich. The views from these resting places were phenomenal.
Picture of the headstone for Doris and Darrell Bean in the Healy cemetery.
Another beautiful spot. It was especially nice that Judy and Jeri had taken the time to make sure that everyone had flowers.
Picture of an angel and flowers on the headstone of Samuel Kochanowski in the Valley Memorial Cemetery at Healy, Alaska in the Denali Borough.
Mother Mary watching over Samuel Kochanowski.
Wooden cross as part of the resting place of Arlin Scott Menke at the Healy cemetery.
Cross for Arlin Scott Menke surrounded by rocks and trinkets carrying messages from loved ones.
Stones with messages and art left by loved ones, also with a quote that says If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.
Closeup of some tokens left for Arlin Scott Menke.
Picture of some flowers and the headstone of Anthony Pollock who is one of the people that the Valley Memorial Cemetery in Healy, Alaska is dedicated to.
Anthony Pollock, one of the young people the cemetery is dedicated to.
Headstone for Kim R White in the Healy cemetery.
Headstone for Kim R. White. Attached to the side was a beautiful handwritten poem.
Picture of the headstone for John C Grys and a representative of the gorgeous views that are part of the Valley Memorial Cemetery in Healy, Alaska.
Resting place of John Grys. One of the most breathtaking spots I saw.
Picture of a wooden cross and rock plaque headstone marker that is part of the Usibelli family plot.
Usibelli family marker, with amazing views behind.
A panorama picture of the Valley Memorial Cemetery in beautiful Healy, Alaska.
Part of a panorama I took showing the spectacular views of this cemetery.
Picture of the road leaving the Healy cemetery, with trees and mountains in the background.
Leaving this awesome cemetery was hard to do, but with a four hour drive ahead of us, we had to. We will definitely be back!
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2 Responses to A Resting Place With A View – Our Visit To The Healy Cemetery

  1. Chelsie Kochanowski says:

    I’m from Healy and know and loved dearly almost every person and family represented above.

    Samuel is our baby. His intercession is prayed for nearly every night by our other three children. We gave him this name because it means “Called by God.” He died very early and never took a breath. While strange to see my son’s grave on another’s website, this is probably the only public place in which you’ll find his name.

    The photo you took is a nice angle – Mt. Healy is just behind his grave. However, Samuel is watched over by our Mother Mary, not an angel.

    Every child is a gift from the Lord, every child is a blessing, and every child will forever be carried in the hearts of their mothers – no matter how long their life.

    Rest well, Little Samuel. Rejoice in the glory of our Lord and dance with the angels!
    “Every good and perfect breath is from above.” James 1:17

    • Jenn says:


      Thank you for your comment and for the information regarding Samuels headstone. I corrected the caption to accurately reflect that it is Mother Mary watching over little Samuel.

      This cemetery is so beautiful and such a wonderful resting spot for loved ones. The mountain view is just awe inspiring.


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